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Cassette recorders were one of the most widely used electronic gadgets of the 20th century. These gadgets were first introduced by Philips to the market in 1963 and were first sold as vocal speech recording devices. The use of cassette recorders became popular during the seventies up to the late nineties until other types of electronic media emerged like the compact disc recorder.

Also known as cassette decks, cassette recorders are mainly used for professional and home audio systems and for portable use. One of the most popular ways of using these recorders are for mobile vehicles like cars, trucks and vans. There are also other types of cassette recorders like handheld ones designed for personal use.

Cassette recorders are basically made to have both recording and playback functions. Some recorders even have "auto-reverse" functions that get rid of the need of switching the cassette tape to its other side before playing. Cassette recorders are also generally cheaper than newer media players like the CD-recordable unit.

Gadgets like cassette recorders need regular care and maintenance.

Here are tips on how to care for your recorders properly.

Tip #1: Clean the head of your cassette recorders regularly. This will prevent rust and other unwanted particles from getting in them.

Tip #2: Cassette recorders can be cleaned with simple head cleaners like isopropyl and ethyl alcohol. Do not use rubbing alcohol since it contains oil.

Tip #3: The metal parts of the cassette recorders can become sensitive to magnetism. Use a degausser to lower or get rid of the effects toward your cassette recorders

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